Señora Arepa A Venezuelan Arepita Restaurant

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Showcasing bright and bold flavors through family traditions has become a namesake for Venezuelan cuisine.

Bold Flavors

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Besides being known for its beautiful countryside, Venezuela is also famous for its rich cuisine with influences from Spanish, West African, and Native American cultures. From fresh Arepas to our cheese filled Cachapas, there's something on the menu for everyone! Pair it with one of our signature sauces, and you'll be saying Dame Más!

We proudly serve the very best, the Certified Angus Beef® Brand

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Featured Drinks

Our Coffee's

Along with our food comes an outstanding cafe and drink menu. Sip on our espresso based coffees featuring Arequipe, a delicious caramel, or our Cafe Bomba, dipped in Nutella and covered with Pirulins.

If coffee's not what your after, our fresh Juices featuring Blackberry, Mango, and Passion fruit will quench your thirst. Looking to spice thing's up a bit? Try one of our featured cocktails for a trip to a tropical paradise.

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Featured Dish

Our Arepas

Arepas are delicious crisp round corn cakes made of maize flour that will make you an addict in no time.  Arepas are seared and filled with an infinite variety of ingredients, making it an easy food of choice for vegetarians, vegans, and meat lovers alike. They are best eaten hot, on the spot or soon after they are made.

Arepas originate from Venezuela, where they are the daily staple in each family’s table at any time of the day-- breakfast, lunch, dinner, eaten as a snack at midnight after a movie or a play, or even at 4am after a great party! Did we mention they're gluten-free too!

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Use Opentable to make a reservation. Parties of 6 or more may be required to call the restaurant to verify availability.

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